Darkening of Mirkwood

Onwards to the Misty Mountains!

The adventure continues

The adventure continued and the company stopped at an old building, one of the last buildings they would see on their journey to the Misty Mountains. They made the most of the camp enjoying a fine perch fished out the river by Posco

Hamson sang a most wonderful song about the adventure they had faced thus far and about the long journey ahead while Dodo and Posco began to craft mementos of the fantastic scenes that lay before them. The mountains loomed overhead and the road stretched long and far in front of them but the wood was brittle and the sticks splintered as they carved.

Leaving the building behind them the travellers passed a bridge and an old Mannish town where all that was left was ruins. The hobbits imagined what could have been in the past walking over what they imagined to be the old town square, imagining how different this town was to the homely Shire. They made camp and Dodo explored while Hamson and Posco began another song, they were tired and it was not their best work…

As the hobbits regrouped for bed they noticed a scruffy man with his boots off looking a bit too relaxed at their camp fire. They went over and cautiously asked where he was going and he replied Bree and proceeded to produce some Longbottom leaf, much to the hobbits delight. The stranger also produced some coins that Hamson longed for greatly. The delight was dampened however when the smelly man recanted the tales of his journey and relished a bit too gleefully over the fact he had left the hobbit, from whom he bought the pipe weed and could only have been Dodo’s cousin Dino, and his caravan in the mountains and neglected to warn them of the growing goblin problem. The man went to repose and Hamson set up watch.

An eerie feeling had Hamson sit up and take note of a wraith like ghost on the edge of the camp coming towards the stranger. Hamson’s scream alerted the camp and the stranger managed to get a good start on the wraith, Frier who had been on high alert since the man appeared got right into the action and passed fire about to the hobbits who quickly realised that swords were futile against this new horror. The company rallied (except Pori) and soon the wraith was fleeing with Dodo and Posco’s arrows chasing after it. The company finally felt that they should learn more about this random man and learned he was called Shanker. As a thanks for their help Shanker told the group about where they might find some treasure and the group acquired a beautiful clasp with 4 beautiful gems on it. As Shanker left for Bree the group left hurriedly after learning that the 4 men and hobbit party were 2 weeks away and possibly in danger.

As they climbed the mountain they took a look back at the beautiful scenes below, the mist was coming down and it was getting darker. As the darkness settled a pony trotted by with an arrow sticking out of its hindquarters. Dodo and Posco’s simple first aid skills were not good enough to help remove it completely but they patched the poor fellow up after that they all kept a sharp eye open. Suddenly Frier cried out and cracked the whip of the carriage, he had seen a glint of a fire over yonder where he knew there to be a fort. ‘They must be there’ he shouted as they travelled at pace.

The camps rejoiced as they met but Dino’s team were weary. Dino’s guide, Iwgar, told a tale of being stalked by goblin spies before being ambushed last night by a goblin host, their caravans raided. The rest of the band; Andy Blackthorn, Tom Lumpyface and Bill the Bowman went to the business of assessing the battle strategy. The hobbits inspired the new recruits with a song and a story of their epic triumphs of the wraith. They set up the caravans to reinforce the fort and they were all ready to fight.

And what a battle it was. The hobbit’s plus Frier fought back 8 goblins, 2 orcs and Ubhurz the great orc leader. Dodo’s particularly epic slaughter of an orc in ONE BLOW impressed the group so much that from then on, when in this particular company, he would be known as Dodo ‘Orcslayer’ Brandybuck. His impressive axe wielding skills saved the hobbit company from any lasting harm.

Ubhurz the great orc leader was felled when the hobbits Dodo and Hamson distracted him while Frier put in a good few hits and then Posco, in an almost tragic accidental fall, released his arrow that miraculously ended up in the orcs eye! From then on Posco’s Bow was named the ‘Eye Catcher’.

As the goblins learned of the orc leaders defeat they all fled and the company began to lighten up and rejoice after the adrenalin filled fight. But after a while the party was starting to wane and the hobbits noticed that Dino was missing….


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