Darkening of Mirkwood

Leaving the Shire

A Recipe for Bree

The Journey Begins…

It is the summer of 1345 (by Shire reckoning, of course!), year 2945 of the Third Age.


Hamson the Hobbit lives in Hobbiton and dreams of going to Erebor to see the treasures that Bilbo has talked about.

Doderic arrived in Hobbiton in the Autumn and fell in with Hamson talking about travelling and seeing the things that Bilbo has seen.

Posco arrived a few months ago to catalogue lots of Bilbos possessions so that they can go to the Matham House that Posco works for. Posco has been beguiled by the stories of Bilbo and his old friend Hamson along with the enthusiasm of Doderic. Though Posco isn’t quite to sure about this journey.

They have been egging each other on for a while and realise they need a map beyond Bree. They decide to make some presents for Bilbo to coincide with the completion of Posco’s catalogue.

Doderic makes a carving of a dragon based on Hamson’s descriptions, Doderic finds a plant that Hamson thinks Bilbo will like, and Posco with their help writes a riddle poem that combines all the presents together.

The meet Bilbo and he is grateful for the catalogue and bowled over by the presents and so not only gives them a map to Bree but also gives them details of a dwarf called Freir that can take them across the Misty Mountains.

They set off the next day and end the day at the Golden Perch where they talk and drink and eat. They find out about two of Doderic’s cousins (Dodi and Dino Brandybuck, brothers) who left the Shire. They also found out about the Dwarf trader Pori who goes between Erebor and the Dwarf enclave at the Blue Mountains once a year.

They talk with the Landlord Edvard who helps them by giving Posco the recipes to the pubs menu. He also upgrades there room.

The next day they head to the edge of the Shire, heading across the Brandywine by the ferry and past the giant Hay Hedge, they avoid the Old Forest and after another couple of days walking the arrive on the outskirts of Bree.

Bree on The One Ring
Bree on MERP



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