Darkening of Mirkwood

At The Bar Of The Prancing Pony

The hobbits reached Bree after four days of travelling. The trip had been pleasant but uneventful, and by the time the village’s wooden walls rose into view the trio were anxious for some real adventure. As they approached the gates, they were surprised to find them shut and apparently locked. The sounds and smells of a bustling fairground emanated from within.

After an hilarious (ಠ_ಠ) incident with the gatekeeper, they headed to the Prancing Pony for a drink and elevenses, the most important meal since second breakfast until lunch.

The inn was busy for mid-morning. The hobbits quizzed the busy barman, Barleyman Butterburr (?), on the local happenings and the locations of the two dwarves, Pori and Freir. Doderick also enquired after his cousins.

As luck would have it, Pori was enjoying some pipe weed by the nearby fire. After sharing an ale, and a story or two, with Posco, he agreed to accompany the party across the Misty Mountains on his way out of Bree after the festival. Dodo chatted to a local hobbit about the whereabouts of his cousins, Dodi and Dino, and learned that they are the proprietors of The Easterly Inn. Meanwhile, Hamson befriended a group of local ruffians drinking in the bar after he mistook them for adventurers.

Out in the fairground, the friends tried their luck with archery at the stall of Domarr, a man of the Dale Archers Guild (?). Hamson won a beautiful dragon carving which he was told contained Dwarven magic. Unfortunately, a few ill-chosen remarks aimed towards the hobbits earned Domarr the ire of the group and he would later fall victim to some petty vandalism. Probably. Why do you ask? What vandalism?

Back at the Prancing Pony, the hobbits met Freir the dawrf and discovered that he worked as a handyman for Dodo’s cousins. He also revealed that he was in rather a rush to leave. Dino had been supposed to meet him in Bree with a caravan of goods from the Easterly Inn, but the party was late, and Freir feared they had run into trouble in the mountains.

Spurred by Freir’s anxiety, Dodo, Hamson and Posco agreed to leave the following morning. The even persuaded Pori to leave early with them, though it was only by eventually appealing to his more epicurean tendencies.

Dodo and Hamson’s bid to tempt the local sellswords with the promise of riches and adventure also met with initial excitement. It ended more tensely, however, as the least inebriated of the mercenaries had the good sense to demand payment up front. Dodo did not take kindly to their lack of enthusiasm for adventure and the men ultimately decided not to join the party.

Shortly after dawn the next morning the two dwarves packed up their caravans and headed east out of Bree with their new companions. Spirits were high, al things considered, and despite missing second breakfast at The Prancing Pony, the three hobbits were excited about the adventure ahead.


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